Reiko Shimizu


A Song of Silence, at Crack International Art Camp; 2021-22

An exploration of silence as a powerful and transformative experience. It highlights the idea that silence is not an absence of sound but rather a profound state of being, comparable to finding a home or a place of deep connection and understanding.

It portrays silence as a prayer, refuge, a source of inner guidance, and a means of fostering connection and harmony with oneself and others.

“Silence is the loudest form of prayer” ~Vivekananda

Silence is like a home, an ultimate home.... On the earth I get lost...
I forget my way back home....
But in silence I start to remember

in silence I start to feel my way back home

If we could connect to each other in each other’s silence If I be in your silence and you be in my silence
wouldn’t it be like walking our way back home together? wouldn’t it be fun?

wouldn't it be peaceful?

visual art