Reiko Shimizu


"cocoon" -  installation 1998;

Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo; Ateliê de Artes  Plásticas; São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil

It delves into the journey of pregnancy, a period characterized by the continuous process of formation, deformation, and transformation. Through a unique artistic approach, the artist embarks on a creative exploration, utilizing diapers and plaster to capture molds of her belly. In this artistic duo of mother and child, they embark on a shared experience, both physically and emotionally. Together, they shape and mold the ever-changing forms, documenting the remarkable journey of prenatal development. As the artist reflects on her own metamorphosis, she realizes that she has become a cocoon, nurturing the precious life growing within her. The molds, crafted with care using cloth diapers and plaster, serve as a tangible and poignant record of this transformative period, encapsulating the essence of new life and the intricate beauty of the maternal bond.

Cocoon (Casulo)

Gravidez: formação, deformação, transformação

Com fralda e gesso, moldes da minha barriga 

Arte em duo, mãe e filho

Juntos, por fora e por dentro

Moldando as formas em transformação

Registro pré-natal de uma nova vida

E me dei conta de que me tornara um casulo

foram feitas com fralda de pano e gesso, usando como molde o corpo da artista plástica durante sua gravidez.

visual art