Reiko Shimizu


"Sky Beads" at Crack International Art Camp Online, 2020-21

It challenges the notion of distance and emphasizes that distance is a matter of perspective. It highlights that all phenomena occur within themselves, and in the cosmic perspective, distance loses its significance. The text sets the stage for an exploration of the profound cosmic unity that transcends individual boundaries and perceives the interconnectedness of all existence.

Concept note: The English word “sky” is written as 空 in Chinese ideogram. The same ideogram is used for interpreting the Sanskrit word “sunnyata”, Which means: “absence of conditionality, absence of particularity, the non-existence of the individual as such and the absence of the transience”, according to D. T. Suzuki. Photos and videos of skies were captured by Crack artists, family and friends, at wherever they were during the Covid-19 pandemic. Afterwards, the “sky beads” were threaded through by divine Baul songs, full of love and wisdom. Every individual in his or her own environment In an individual universe, individual world, individual  Individual cosmos were gathered and reconnected through the Universe, the sky.  Distance is perspective. Every and all phenomena happen in Themselves. In the Cosmic perspective there is no distance.

visual art