Reiko Shimizu


"Sun-Sangha 2", Crack International Art Camp, Kushtia, Bangladesh, 2019

Will be presented at 19th Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh in December 2022

"Two artists, Reiko Shimizu from Japan and Polly Laila from Bangladesh, looking for the roots of humanity beyond the crisis of human identity, with the obstruction of the flag and nationality. A red circle, a sun, on the white a Japanese flag and a red circle, a sun, on the green, a Bangladesh flag have disappeared there and speak of an open world under one sun."
(Rajat Kanti Roy, from Kushtia)

music courtesy:  Masatoshi Utashima / yuniwa

Act 1:

12ft long textile hanging down between Polly and Reiko. On the textile we've painted with our palm red circle, a sun, from both sides with red paint in our hands. Longing for each others hands, the warmth from both sides of the textile, our palm miss place each others, my face and body ended up covered with red paint that reminded me of our unforgettable past of many suffered. . .

Act 2:

Cutting out the red circle, a sun, from both side together, disappeared the both flags and we found each others in each others arms. Embracing each others is like placing palms together. A thousand prayers...

Act 3:

Picking up one by one, into the red circle, a sun, we've gathered with care, all the dead and dried up, spreading around everywhere, stepped on, forgotten, all the roots we embraced into the red circle, a sun, together rested

visual art