Reiko Shimizu


"tea ceremony 2" - performance 2000; Parque da Cidade, São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil; 2000

A unique ritual in the park that welcomes new life with a fresh perspective on the traditional tea ceremony. It brings together community, nature, and divine support, embodying strength, courage, and insight. Ceramic eggs arranged in a spiral symbolize creation, and as they crack, they release the essence within, becoming vessels for the tea that carries the spirit of new life. Through the practice of wabi-cha, we embrace the impermanence of life and gain a deeper appreciation for its fleeting nature. This ceremony invites us to explore interconnectedness, find wisdom in imperfection, and honor the cycle of life. It is a transformative experience that celebrates new beginnings and invites us to embrace the magic of existence.

A ritual in park to welcome new life

Community, nature and divine support; strength, courage, insight

Celebrating new life, life ceremony, a prayer

A different look at Chá de bebê

Ceramic eggs placed in spiral, inner scape of uterus

Earth, water, fire and air

Breaking the egg for the tea to be served

A shell housing the taste of new life

The everchanging phenomena, life-death cycle

wabi-cha, sensing fragility in life, listening to impermanence

A new view of Tea Ceremony

visual art