Reiko Shimizu

Reiko Shimizu

"work in process" series of actions 2014-15; Gallery Squire Circle, Kala Kendra, Auroville, Pondicherry- Tamil Nadu, India; 2014-15

Art residency in Auroville

Thirty-one days in Auroville! Endless ideas, but no idea

Darkness dominating the gallery basement. Light through the round sky window

Red earth everywhere. Why not on the gallery basement? “Mother’s red earth from Mother's temple available!"

Four children, eight small helping hands, turning a big red earth mountain into huge devout hands

First of January: a Kalpataru Tree, Paramahansa Ramakrishna became

Mythological Tree was planted on the devout hands. Invisible, imaginary. All wishes come true

On the sky window structure, leaves of imaginary Kalpataru were placed

One day leaves were found on the basement. Wind? Playful kids? The leaves own will?

An idea came: leave the wishes on the leaves, let them fall for the devout hands to receive

A question about wishing: "Make your good wish" (to avoid evil ones?)

But Kunti wishes for suffering to always remember God! Yes, "may your wish come true"

A sign, “Kalpavriksha”, local name for Kalpataru. One by one people came for wishes

Then, gathering around the invisible tree. Standing, sitting, kneeling … palms together

Amazing! Naturally, spontaneously, freely

Emerged the most beautiful thing I have seen in India: prayer.

But I just realized I got no photos. Too shy to photograph them? Not appropriate of someone praying?

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